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Malt Products

We produce quality malt by starting right i.e. procuring quality raw materials. All grains procured by us go though stringent quality checks that ensure we have the best available to make our products. The malting process starts with a rigorous cleaning of the grain, followed by washing then steeping. Steeping induces the moisture desired for germination; the grain is then germinated and kilned.


Our fully automated plant, mechanical turning systems, stringent air, temperature and humidity controls help us in giving our customers the quality products. We supply to all major players in the Indian brewing and distilling industry; some of our customers include Kingfisher, Haywards, Royal challenge, Castle Lager, San Miguel, Golden Eagle, Thunderbolt, Dansberg, Godfather, Fosters, Signature, Single malt etc.


Barley Malt
The majority of malt is produced from barley. In India six-row barley is commonly available and used to produce malt. We however do make barley malt, from both domestic and imported two-row barley.


Wheat Malt
We produce wheat malt for both beer and food industries.


Specialty Malt
Malts of higher and lower colours and different flavors are produced by us to cater to our customers. Some of these speciality malts are Roasted Malt, Coffee Malt, Caramel Malt and Crystal Malt.

All our products are made as per customer specifications. We therefore request you to contact us if you require specifications that would cater to your needs.