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Liquid Malt Extract

Liquid Malt Extract is an amber colored liquid having a characteristic malty flavor. The process of converting Barley Malt into Liquid Malt Extract starts with grinding of malt. It then undergoes mashing process and is filtered to separate the wort. The wort is concentrated to produce Liquid Malt Extract, a thick syrup which is generally concentrated to 80% solids.


Another variation of Malt Extract is Powder Malt Extract which is manufactured by drying Liquid Malt Extract under vacuum (see here for more details).


As a company we believe in 100% natural products, hence all our products are free from any added flavors or preservatives. We are committed to deliver and maintain defect free, reliable and quality products to our customers. To ensure optimum quality at all times, our raw materials and finished products are constantly subjected to extremely stringent quality checks.


Liquid Malt Extract finds application in manufacturing of health drinks, pharmaceutical , biscuit & confectionery industries. It is sometimes also used in manufacturing of beer or malt spirit. We manufacture Liquid Malt Extracts of a varied color spectrum. Other than Liquid Malt Extract we also manufacture syrups from various cereals.


Our products are generally manufactured to client specification, therefore, please feel free to contact us for our generic specification.


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