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 Malt Extract is a viscous amber brown liquid that has the characteristic malt and sweet taste. It is a natural sweetener. Malt extract is manufactured by grinding the malt to a fine powder, mashing it gently while adding water and brewing the mixture. Thereafter the wort is separated from the husk and then concentrated to 80 percent solids; this concentrate is malt extract.


Other variations of this product include Liquid Malt Extract and Powder Malt Extract.


We are proud to be the approved suppliers of malt extract for globally acclaimed brands such as Horlicks, Bournvita, Milo, Boost and Ovaltine.


We are equipped with state of the art equipment giving us the flexibility to produce products catering to a varied range of customers. Our fully automated brew house minimizes the scope of error in making the right specification every time. We have ensured that all contact equipment is in stainless steel, ensuring hygiene at all times. The malt extract plant is a clean zone with the highest standards of cleanliness, to ensure food safety at all times.


Malt extract for both domestic and export consumption is manufactured as per our customer specifications, we request you to contact us for specifications suitable to your needs.


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