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About Us

Company Profile

Barmalt is the largest manufacturer of malt and malt extract in India. Since our inception we have used innovation and technology as major tools to create a strong, strategically integrated company with quality assets and people.


With our experience, we manufacture a wide range of quality malt and malt extract for the brewing, distilling, and food industries. To ensure optimum quality at all times, all raw materials and finished products, at Barmalt, are constantly subjected to extremely stringent quality control checks executed by well qualified chemists.


We believe that only by maintaining our standard of excellence and running our business with honesty and ethics, we can progress to a better tomorrow.

A perfect amalgamation of technology and manpower under an efficient supervision has helped Barmalt to become the leader in the Indian malt and malt extract industry.


Our most valuable asset, we believe, is our team of highly qualified and skilled professionals. We have always maintained an open and transparent system, which resulted in a highly effective work culture. We at Barmalt always acknowledge the significant contribution of every member towards our growth.


Our facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and product lines for both malt and malt extract are ISO 22000:2010 certified.

Our History

Barmalt was started with an installed capacity of 2000 MT of malt annually in 1967. By 1980, we were the fourth largest players in the Indian malt industry. Our continual innovations, readiness to imbibe new technologies and customer satisfaction has rewarded us in by a better placement in the industry. Today we are the leaders in our field and still growing.


Barmalt has always been synonymous with quality. We are always ready to induct new technologies and improve existing ones. Listed below our some changes introduced by us, which we believe contributed not only to our growth but also to that of the Indian malting industry.

  • Introduced indirect heating in the kilns
  • Installed silos for bulk storage of barley and malt
  • Changed the manually operated malting into a fully automated malt house
  • Installed Meura 2001 mash filters to obtain better quality of malt extract
  • First malting unit in India to get HACCP certification


Our Founder

Mr. Puran Chand ventured into his first business at an early age of 16. From here on there was no looking back for this radiant entrepreneur.


Despite the intensity and determination he displayed in his role as a business leader, Mr. Puran Chand had a warmth and compassion for those less privileged than him. He was always keenly aware of the need to help others, and during his lifetime, he helped many quietly and without fanfare. His handwork and philanthropy led him to become a well known figure in the town of Gurgaon, at a young age.


In 1967, he founded Barmalt India Pvt. Ltd. It is his forward thinking that has brought us to where we stand today. He inculcated in us a value system that forms the basis of everything we do. We believe in business with ethics and that the means is just as important as the end.